Relief Postponed.

Today was the day Kisa was supposed to have surgery, with the singular vascular surgeon in this area of the country that will do it. But that got canceled two weeks ago. Turns out, you cant recover in the ICU for four days if there is no room in the ICU. Its taken us more that three years to get here, and COVID keeps moving the goal line. MALS is treated by cutting the median arcuate ligament so that it can’t compress the celiac artery and surrounding nerves anymore. This can be done through a laparoscopic procedure, using surgical instruments inserted through several small incisions in the skin, or through open surgery. She was going to have the latter, hence 4 days in ICU and another week in a regular room. There are no guarantees, but if things go well then a condition that has plagued her for the entirety of adult life could go away.(or not) and stay away( or not). But there is no other place to go, except stay right here and let it slowly get worse. Thankfully, it just got rescheduled for October, and she will begin the recovery process at home before Halloween. Unless Covid moves the goal line again. But the now two more months of suffering is less than appreciated. Thanks Gov Bill. Thanks Trump. And thanks all you no mask wearing fuckers. If you want more info on MALS… feel free to Google it. (You slugs! Must I do everything?)

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