Gone is the color.

Gone are the curls.

Life’s joy has been lost,

In this ocean of churls.

Maybe we can all find ourselves again

on the other side of thus pain,

Injustice, cruelty and chaos

That fall on us like rain.

Troubling times on the front lines here at the Robot Farm (where we farm for robots and not where robots farm)We just had to send someone home for guilt by association Covid19. Someone in their bubble has tested positive. His uncle tested positive, but is currently asymptomatic. So now the co worker cant come back till they test negative. If they test positive, then we all go on the testing list and the farm goes quiet for two weeks.

I Guess.

The reality is that there is no plan, of course.

We are just making this shit up as we go.

On an unrelated note, the phone gremlin (or maybe my fat thumb) keeps changing “list” to “lust”.

One final note.

Fun with math

Jeff Bezos is reportedly worth 181 billion.

The US has roughly 328 million people in it( probably less now)

If we left Jeff with 1 billion and split the rest equally among the rest of the US. Everyone would only get around $550.

Chances are, he would have it all back in less than a month.

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Here is my second round of blogging as my first round in Blog 1 seems to have evaporated. I have been writing for decades. Most of it is crap, but you probably figured that out on your own.
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