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Writer’s log: 11-29-19.

Writer’s log: 11-29-19. It is now 3 AM on the following day and I haven’t been able to write for the last 24 hours. The cat overlords will not relinquish my chair. They have decided I sit here too much … Continue reading

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Radio Hate

I can hear three distinct radios from my work station today. One is playing Modern Country. One is playing a Rush Limbaugh Type conservative talk radio. The last one is playing oldies, almost exclusively 70s oldies, with occasional 60s. Liberal … Continue reading

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Poor forgotten Apollo 12

Here is a fun metaphor.If Apollo 11 was the Boomers, and Apollo 13 the Millennials, the Apollo 12 is GenX. But 50 Years Ago, Americans Made The 2nd Moon Landing… Why Doesn’t Anyone Remember? Although they received the same honors … Continue reading

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More future prognostication

I have been lax in updating my blog. My last update was in October and now it is April 5th of 2020. But I wrote this back in November before Covid became a thing. Here is a quick engineering note, … Continue reading

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Anomalous weather is the future.

The rose colored tree down the street looks extra nice with its improbable light frosting of snow this morning. Who knows when autumn and winter might intersect this perfectly again.

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This insanity has been up since at least November 2nd. Its on my drive home so I took a drive by photo. Funny thing is, three houses to the left, they still have their Halloween decorations up. So, I have … Continue reading

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Funny moments in technology.

The part description in question is:Radio, digital, video, RX, LS&SBAN. THAT IS LS & S BAND NOT LESBIAN. STUPID LYSDEXIA.

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