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All Hallows Eve’s, eve’s, eve.

There are few things quite so disturbing as a Tarot reading that skewers you perfectly in 7 cards, but where the reader is dead certain that they have flubbed the reading. Especially after having only known you for less than … Continue reading

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Don’t you hate the work days When you have to take breaks To go to the bathroom To check your face in the mirror To make sure your face Doesnt show how you really feel?

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I love so many people, but that love is usually unrequited because I am so private. Why burden others? Then again, I define love differently. For the majority of my life I have defined love as “an honest desire for … Continue reading

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I think that…

A cognative evaluation of each editor’s suggestion is how you become a better and more efficient writer, but choosing to accept or decline the suggestion WITH INTENT, and then defending that choice logically, is what makes you an artist.

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Improv is key

Its been a hard week at the Robot Farm (where we farm for robots and not where robots farm). So much so that I might have to change these stories to the life and times of Voltaire’s “The USS Make … Continue reading

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Strange choice

Im job shopping and I see this. Adult Services Reference Assistant City of Tigard, OR – Portland, OR 97223 $20.42 – $27.37 an hour Part-time It’s a librarian position. Not at all where my brain went.

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