Hit and Run

This morning I was in a horrible hit and run traffic accident. I was sitting at a stop sign waiting for a hole in traffic to turn right when this guy(probably drunk) T-bones my truck, backs up, and then cruises away like nothing happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his plates because he was A PEDESTRIAN! I am totally traumatized. Here is a picture of the damage. I may have to total my truck. Should I call my insurance company to make a claim, or a lawyer first?

Oh the damage, the pain, the mental anguish.

Oh look, I fixed it.
Aren’t I clever.

I totally screamed like a girl when it happened though.

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Here is my second round of blogging as my first round in Blog 1 seems to have evaporated. I have been writing for decades. Most of it is crap, but you probably figured that out on your own.
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