Achievement unlocked

So I went to Portland to visit my sister and explore the idea of living there.

All it takes is money, which means a job NOT of the Robot Farm, so I am exploring that too.

So I land on the 17th, and wouldn’t you know it, the Proud Boys and Anti-fa(cist) are engaged in aggressive negotiations without lightsabers (without permits too) in the downtown Portland area. This is not the way to start a holiday. But I shouldn’t be selfish. I tend to agree with the Antifa, who just want the Nazi-wannabes to go someplace else, like Antartica where EVERYTHING is white and Hitler’s head is being preserved in a jar in a secret underground base till they can build him a giant robot body.

That was a terrible movie by the way.

So I just want to say to all you Antifa out there.

Aw… thanks, guys. You shouldn’t have.
You got me some nazis to punch and I didn’t bring you anything.
I think I slept through it though. Also, I am on the wrong side of the river.
Also-Also, this isn’t Albuquerque, so I didn’t plan on “come on vacation, leave on probation” sort of trip. Maybe next time.

The poor Nazi wannabes… don’t they know that their real enemies are the Scientologists? I mean sure they both want the same thing, a new world order, the removal of “defectives” and all that. But unlike the Poor but Proud boys, Scientology has an enormous head start. They are well funded. They have a cadre of celebrity spokes people that others actually listen to. Worst of all, they are ALREADY GLOBAL.

The ship has sailed Boys… and you missed it.

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