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This is well worth a listen, especially if you are a feminist (a real one) or a woman of science (like Janet). I particularly liked her use of poetic imagery in explaining things that are too often concealed in the shroud of scientific language, and her cutting defence of that practice. Calling out the reason why someone would question the presumed personification of natural phenomena, and showing that the questioner is not holding the moral high ground but is instead standing in a puddle.
But I was pushed over the edge into the need to share because of how the interview ends.
When speaking planting trees, she says, “Choose wisely. Remember that planting a tree is like a marriage. You need to select one that will be a partner, not just an ornament.”

I adore that metaphor, and not just sociologically, but botanically scientifically, and even in the realm of city planning.

The failure to do this very thing is not only why so many marriages fail, but also why my car (and yours) is covered in yellow pollen at certain times of the year.
Fucking Bradford pears trees…..all males, no females. Because they flower pretty but grow no fruit. Chosen as an ornament, not as a partner.


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