Theoretical ages of man.

My random thought of the day.

Childhood: that time of (supposedly) strict eating of certain things because your body is still developing, with occasion binging.
Teenage: EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!
20’s: Beginning to suspect that all the things are not worth eating.
30’s Knowing for a fact that all the things are not worth eating, so only eating all the worthy things.
40’s : eating only half of the things worthy of eating. When did these portions get so big?
50’s Eating only the things you are allowed to eat, some of which you hate.
60’s to 70’s : Fuck it….I’m eating all the things. What’s the worst that could happen?
80’s and beyond: I miss eating things….

Mind you, those last three are only hypothetical (and possibly stereotypical) responses.

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Here is my second round of blogging as my first round in Blog 1 seems to have evaporated. I have been writing for decades. Most of it is crap, but you probably figured that out on your own.
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