Minneapolis….kinda miss you

I haven’t been able to say much of anything about my trip to the Minneapolis Burlesque festival. I’ve been heavily burdened by the lash of my robot overlords here at The Robot Farm (where we farm for robots, not where robots farm). I always pay a price for taking time off, that is why I still have 400 hours of paid vacation time that I don’t dare use.

It was great. It defies description. However, the Ghost of Jerry Garcia was there too, (probably lured in by Foxy Tann’s MJ onesie) and he has a way with words for some reason.

“It’s pretty clear now that what looked like it might have been some kind of counterculture is, in reality, just the plain old chaos of undifferentiated weirdness.”
-Jerry Garcia

Well…..sure Jerry… especially near the end, but I think we can do better when I have more than 15 minutes to pontificate about it. Ex Cathedra, of course.

There is one other thing, before we left we went up to S.R Harris….the fabric monstrosity. I was not enthusiastic, figuring that I would be bored for the last few hours of my vacation. But because I dearly love my Kisa Teasa I relented. We were advised that going there was like a treasure hunt, a statement that I gave little credence to. But damn your prophetic eyes Foxy…… i found this one little thing, and then I found myself sitting on the floor digging through a plastic tub for more than an hour. It was just a triangle of beaded fringy stuff, with opalescent beads, then I found more of them in Black, Purple, Silver, Green and White……there was orange, yellow and blue….but those were ugly. Next thing I know I am sorting the entire tub into little piles. I couldn’t stop. Dividing the chaos into neat orderly piles was so calming. I wanted all of them….until I discovered they were $3 each!
I settled for 10 each of opal, Black, Silver and Purple, all for my Kisa, and sadly but gently put my remaining piles back into the tub.
Maybe they will still be there next year.

Finally, I give all praise unto Dog. Trotsky, whom you may have seen on my feed from earlier, makes me want to go get another dog myself. But any dog I get will not even be half the dog you are. Because you are a monster, and the cats would hate me.
……well……..more than they do already, that is.

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