Roll Out the Barrel

The T-shirt of the day is:
“Sorry, your flavor of insanity does not suit me.”

Now, as a service tech to tech nerd.
Just a reminder.
Within the context of computers, “address” serves a similar purpose to that use on a house. Which is where the concept comes from.
But, it the listener does not know your context is computers, then they will always assume you mean house for the same reason.

Here is a handy ( yet useless) mnemonic.

You must address the address context before you address the address, otherwise you address will sound like address and not address every time.


The polar dip has reached us here at the Robot Farm (where we farm for robots and not where robots farm) prompting tornado warnings for the next hour or so. Fortunately, our robot overlords have prepared for tornados. These barrels might only slightly protect us from inclement weather, but they do wonders for the clean up afterward.
I do hope they remember to open the bung holes on the lid this time. I got terribly dizzy during the last safety drill.

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