The Stone of Destiny 7-29

Break time.

“So Mister King, now that you have had the nickel tour, what do you think of our little operation?”
The Doctor seemed self assured and completely at ease with his prisoner. Saul wasn’t an overtly violent person, but even he could see several avenues of escape that the Doctor was either oblivious to, or heedless of.
Then again, he had a pair of heavily armed and totally loyal homunculus at each of the doors, so perhaps his heedlessnes was merely an affectation.
So Saul opted to kiss ass.
“Is quite modern and advanced,” he lied. “I am completely bewildered by most of it, but what I do recognise and understand is most impressive.”
“I am glad you say so,” the Doctor said. Which struck Saul as an odd choice of words. “However, I have personally examined much of the contents of your miraculous coat, as well as the coat itself. This is a technology far in advance of anything I have known, and I am one of the most knowledgeable people in the world. Only the Evil Master Maestro could stand me one better, and th is is not his work.”
“I’m just a collector,” Saul assured him. “I don’t need to know how a thing works to.make use of it. Who knows how televisions work, eh? Yet people are using them every day.”
“I know how they work,” the Doctor said. He wasn’t smiling anymore either. ” I also know that the general populace have no knowledge of them. I am beginning to suspect that the outlandish tales that our dear Miss Sarah have been telling about you are true. Pity….”
“Hmmm? Oh nothing. I had simply sent her to the dungeons for punishment and re-education for fabrications and lies. Now it seems I will owe her an apology. Ah well….”
This sent a shiver of fear down Saul’s spine, but he presumably hid it well as the Doctor took no notice of it.
“May I assume that the miraculous healing, aging, and regenerative powers she described were also factual?”
“Would it help if I said no?”
The Doctor smirked, “only if you wished to prove a negative.”
“Then I confess. I am a bit supernatural.” Saul said. “Nothing spectacular, and I really don’t know how it works either. Only that it does.”
“This implies that it was done to you, rather than by you, yes?”
Saul nodded, “But you would not have heard of them either.”
“This is because you are not of this world, but from another.”
“Then you could have escaped at any time. Could you not?”
SHIT! Saul though, but he said, “Normally yes, but my abilities are currently blocked by a…….higher power.”
“Show me.”
Saul reached up into that corner of his peripheral vision and tried to grab th e corner of the universe. He could feel there between his index finger and thumb, but when he tried to grab it be found it to be unusually slippery.
Then Saul remembered that golden rule, taught to him by Steve Hawking so many years ago.

Never do miracles in front of a scientist, especially in his lab.

“Fascinating,” the Doctor said.

And people are yelling at me from across the way……I gotta go

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