The stone of Destiny 7-28

Break time.
A quick aside for something just said in a mock service call.

“Ahhhhhhh…..Yeah! The repair of your radio link is in progress. We have our three best people on it. Unfortunately, this has caused some delay as they don’t agree on how it needs to proceed. The have been throwing rock-paper-scissors all day, but one always chooses rock, another always chooses paper, and the third always choose scissors, so they are in a deadlocked cycle of both winning and losing. Normally we would solve this with our Heisenberg compensator, but it is out for calibration and we aren’t sure where it is or how soon it will be back.

This kind of bullshit went on like that for far to long.

Meanwhile, Saul was being given a tour of the “observatory” by the presumed mad and/or evil Doctor Noname (it is pronounced, KnowNAHmeh….in case you forgot). We are putting the word observatory in quotes, because the edifice was missing one crucial element. There was no telescope. In its place was a massive Nd ominous looking device.
“Since you are being so open,” Saul said to the Doctor, “just what is that thing? It’s no telescope, that much I am certain about.”
“Oh that? It’s just something I am tinkering with, we’ll get to that later.”
But they probably won’t.
Over in a cubby, behind a folding screen, Saul saw the Hawking coat suspended inside out on a cable between two posts. The cable went up one sleeve and came out the other, holding the shoulders about eye level. No less than three of the Doctor’s artificially created minions were gathered around it, one would remove items from a pocket. The second would catalog both the the object and its location. The third would take a picture of it. Then the first one would put it back and draw out another item.
” Oh good,” Saul said. “I was worried that there would be an enormous pile of my stuff in the middle of a room that would take me hours to repack before I could make my escape.”
The Doctor laughed, “Don’t be silly. A place for everything…”
“…and everything in its place.” Saul finished for him. “Still, if you could make me a copy and leave it in the right breast pocket, I would be ever so grateful. I might be in a hurry when I am escaping later.”
“We’ll see,” the Doctor said with a smirk.
I’m guessing that means no, Saul thought to himself.

And I am out of time again.

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