The stone of Destiny 7-27

Break time.
Damn, I can’t figure out how to turn off autocorrect.
Or spell without it….but I have at least figured out what to do when it INSISTS that I am wrong.
Also the period button is too close to the space bar so.I.keep.doing.this.

Partway down the long grey hallway, which is what came after the beige hallway, the avocado hallway, and of course the dirty dank hallway with the peeling paint where their cell resided, they came to a set of double doors. One of the replicated soldiers stepped up and opened one of the doors, waving at Saul and Ilya to enter. Inside was a cavernous room with a high domed ceiling. It reminded Saul of something. He couldn’t remember the word though, and he only had 15 minutes to think of it so he should have given up on it and moved on. Planetarium? No, that wasn’t It. Observatorium? Telescoperary? Actually, it depended on what the local languages had originated from.
Saul’s train of thought was interrupted by a booming voice.
“Welcome!” The voice said. It was hard to tell from where though. The space was poorly lit and echoed like the dickens….just like the sickens actually. Nasty little buggers, worse than parrots.
“Screw you Doctor Noname!” Ilya yelled into the darkness.

No….you read that wrong…..
Seriously, in your head, you are pronouncing that wrong.
It isn’t pronounced “No name” it is pronounced “KnowNAHmeh”.
Sheesh…’s like you people don’t even know how to read.

A diminutive man with sparse black hair and a buttoned up blue lab coat stepped from the shadows.
“Ah, my default Progeny,” he said. “I wouldn’t have to lock you away if you would just live up to your potential.”
“Oh?” She said with genuine curiosity. “Why is that? Who’s to say I haven’t already surpassed your expectations?”
“If you had, I wouldn’t be able to lock you away.” He said with a dismissive wave.
Ilya frowned at this, as the Doctor turned his attention to Saul.
“You however, you are the star of the day. Not only displaying unexplainable talents, but able to handle The Stone without even a second thought” he nodded with his head towards Ilya, but without glancing at her, “If only some others of us were as impressive.”

And I am WAY out of time.

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