The Stone of Destiny 7-26

Break time again

Saul and Ilya shared occasional side eye glances as they trudged down the hallway at gunpoint. This new guy wasn’t as talkative as Sarah had been, but he didn’t keep shooting Saul. So Saul was on the fence on whether he liked the new guy better. He did let Saul put his shoes back on. Did that make him polite, or just efficient?
“So,” Saul ventured, “what do you do around here when you aren’t escorting prisoners?”
“No talking,” he said an jabbed his gun barrel into Saul’s back.
“Sorry,” Saul said, ” I’m just trying to be friendly.”
New guy grabbed him by the collar and hissed into Saul’s ear, “What part of no talking do you not understand?”
“Oh, I don’t know…..the No part?”
Ilya snickered slightly, but not enough to draw the new guy’s attention.
“Funny guy,” he said and shoved Saul further ahead down the hall. “You should count yourself lucky.
” Oh? Why is that?”
“If I didn’t have orders against harming you, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
Saul looked at Ilya, she smirked and shrugged.
“One……one lucky person,” Saul said. Figuring she wouldn’t get the reference.
Ilya quirked up one eyebrow, then after pause she said, “Two… Two lucky people.”
“Ah ha ha….” Saul finished and looked at her with a grin, that rapidly faded when he saw her confusion.
“Counting with the count,” Saul said, but that didn’t help.

Pop culture, it rarely translated between mainlines.

And I am done for the day.

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