Ninja Bee

Oh crap, I forgot I was supposed to be writing during this 15 minutes.
So hot outside…… whew…. I’m almost sweating.
And I got attacked by a ninja bee when I first came out, so I am distracted.
No, really. It was a ninja bee. I sat down and it buzzed right past my ear. I swatted at it and stood up to engage it in battle…. and it was GONE. I panicked, and felt about my person for fear that it had dropped down into my shirt. I am still twitchy at every little itch now, but no. Nothing. Damn Ninja Bee.
I’ll go back to Saul’s story tomorrow.
Today we engage our new security protocol at The Robot Farm (where we farm for robots, not where robots farm). You may remember the events of Dallas… where the killbot actually killed something instead of being like you classic storm trooper.
Today we had explained to us that we are going to have to be more secure, because now people are afraid the we are Skynet and building Terminators.
Our robot overlords have no interest in taking over the world. For one, it would be a tremendous bother. Not to mention that EVERY sci-fi movie where the machines take over invariably works out poorly for Everyone involved. They are machines, they can do the math. What do you think they are, human?
Then the re is the matter of all the power they would have to give up. Government is a matter of checks and balances, even in a totalitarian regime. Look at Stalin’s Russia, or modern-day China. All the underlings spend half their time feathering their nests and selling themselves to the highest bidder.
So we are getting …… What is the level below mall cop? Anyway, some on gets to sit out front and watch everything. They are gonna do random checks of bags upon entre . Shit like that.
None of these measures will stop a determined individual, or even slow them much. If a person (and by person, I will assume a white male dudebro….as opposed to the other flavors) comes in here with a gun, a “guard” out front is just an early warning system (They get shot first) and a source to get an access badge to the rest of the building. Negating our security perimeter entirely.

Not that I have put any thought into this, mind you.

It’s ok though, the robots will protect us.

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